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accubation, accumbency, aching heart, adoration, adulation, adynamia, agony, agony of mind, anemia, anguish, apple-polishing, ass-kissing, atony, backscratching, bale, bend, bending the knee, bitterness, blah feeling, bleeding heart, bloodlessness, bob, bootlicking, bouleversement, bow, bowing, bowing and scraping, breakdown, broken heart, brown-nosing, cachexia, cachexy, care, carking care, cave-in, circulatory collapse, co-worship, collapse, convulsion, couchancy, cowardice, crack-up, crackup, cringing, crouch, crushing, cult, cultism, cultus, curtsy, debasement, debilitation, debility, decumbency, deference, deflation, dejection, depression, depth of misery, desolation, despair, desperation, despondency, devotion, dipping the colors, downfall, draining, duck, dulia, dullness, enervation, etiolation, exhaustedness, exhaustion, extremity, faintness, fall, fatigue, fawnery, fawning, feebleness, flabbiness, flaccidity, flunkyism, footlicking, genuflection, grief, groveling, handshaking, heartache, heartfelt grief, heartgrief, heavy heart, homage, humiliation, hyperdulia, idolatry, implosion, impotence, inclination, infelicity, ingratiation, insinuation, kneeling, kowtow, kowtowing, lamentation, languishment, languor, lassitude, latria, listlessness, loll, lounging, lowness, lying, lying down, making a leg, mealymouthedness, melancholia, melancholy, misery, nervous breakdown, nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration, neurasthenia, nod, obeisance, obsequiousness, overthrow, overturn, paralysis, parasitism, pining, presenting arms, proneness, reclination, reclining, recumbency, repose, respect, reverence, sabotage, sadness, salaam, salutation, salute, scrape, servility, shortness, sluggishness, softness, sorrow, sorrowing, sponging, sprawl, squat, squatness, squattiness, standing at attention, stoop, strengthlessness, stumpiness, subjacency, submission, submissiveness, subversion, suicidal despair, supination, supineness, sycophancy, timeserving, toadeating, toadying, toadyism, transcendent wonder, truckling, tufthunting, unhappiness, upheaval, upset, veneration, weakliness, weakness, weariness, woe, woefulness, worship, worshiping, wretchedness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • prostration — [ prɔstrasjɔ̃ ] n. f. • 1300 « prosternation »; lat. prostratio, de prostratus, p. p. de prosternere 1 ♦ Relig. Attitude liturgique qui consiste à s étendre entièrement sur le sol, face contre terre, après s être agenouillé. ⇒ prosternation. 2 ♦… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Prostration — is the placement of the body in a reverentially or submissively prone position. Major world religions employ prostration either as an act of submissiveness to God or gods, or as a means of embodying reverence for a noble person, persons or… …   Wikipedia

  • Prostration — Pros*tra tion, n. [L. prostratio: cf. F. prostration.] 1. The act of prostrating, throwing down, or laying fiat; as, the prostration of the body. [1913 Webster] 2. The act of falling down, or of bowing in humility or adoration; primarily, the act …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • prostration — I noun abasement, bow, breakdown, cataclysm, collapse, consumption, debility, decay, decrepitude, defeat, dejection, demolition, depression, desolation, despair, despondency, destruction, distress, downfall, downthrow, enervation, exhaustion,… …   Law dictionary

  • prostration — (n.) c.1400, action of prostrating oneself, from PROSTRATE (Cf. prostrate) + ION (Cf. ion). Meaning weakness, exhaustion, dejection is from 1650s …   Etymology dictionary

  • prostration — [präs trā′shən] n. [LL prostratio] 1. a prostrating or being prostrated 2. utter physical or mental exhaustion or helplessness …   English World dictionary

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